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We are currently looking for servants for the upcoming year at Calvary Kids' Bible Club.  See the following list for a summary of serving opportunities. Please contact the church office (545-5530) for more information.

You may click here to sign up to serve.

Please note: Anyone serving in CKBC must have an active Children’s Ministry Questionnaire on file.   Please click here to fill out a Children's Ministry Questionnaire

Areas of Service

The following is a list of the 9 various areas of service for Calvary Kids’ Bible Club.  Also with each area is a brief description of what the responsibilities will be for that area.  

1) Group Leaders

The Group Leaders will have the primary contact with the children.  They will be with the children from the beginning to the end of the evening. They will check in the children and make sure that they are safely delivered back to their parents. They will be responsible to work with the children on their memory verse and have prayer during the 20 minute session that is set aside for the memory verse work and prayer. The Group Leaders will want to make this time fun and exciting by playing games to learn the memory verse. They will also make it a time for the children to learn to pray for one another.

A lot of what the Group Leaders will do is to love the children, build relationships with them, encourage them and help them to memorize their verses. The Group Leaders will want to send a postcard to their children who have not attended over a period of time. Above all they will pray for their children. The Group Leader will also be responsible to track the memory verse and make sure the parents have filled in the sign-in sheet correctly each Wednesday to insure that their children get their proper awards.

The Group Leader will also be responsible to coordinate throughout the year the different group activities necessary to earn the Missions, Service, and Respect patches. (Note: We will usually have one uniform activity for all groups)

The Group Leader will also be responsible to leave their area/room clean each week.              

2) Teaching Team

One of the stations will be the Teaching Time. The responsibility of the Teaching Team will be to prepare a lesson on the theme of the evening. You will be given a lesson plan with suggestions. You will want to make sure that the teaching is suitable for the various age groups. Also, this part should be very interactive with the children and exciting.  The Group Leaders will remain with the children during the Teaching Time to help maintain control.

3) Drama Team

The Drama Team is responsible to develop, rehearse, and perform a 5 - 10 minute skit for each Opening Assembly.  The skit is based on the theme for that night. This team develops exciting skits to reinforce the point of the lesson.  The Drama Leader is responsible to make sure that the skits are written, that there have been rehearsals, and that the team is ready to go each Wednesday night.

4) Worship Team

The Worship Team is an important part of the Opening Assembly. We have 2 - 3 opening songs of children’s worship. The Worship Leader and the Worship Team are responsible to have worship songs picked out each week, be rehearsed, and ready to go.  

5) Game/ Craft Team

This team will plan and facilitate a game or craft, related to the theme each week. The Game/ Craft Leader is responsible to have something ready each week for the children to participate in. There will be 20 minutes allotted at this station. Because of the nature of the other two stations, this part should be very active and exciting. The best situation would be to alternate weekly between a game and a craft.

6) Registration Team

This team is responsible for organizing and maintaining registration information and records. This team is responsible to sign-up new children and guests each week, keep track of moneys collected, sign-up families for events and work with the Group Leaders and office staff on keeping current information on the children.  This team also attends the events tocheck in children and take money and sign-ups as needed. Basically, this team will be responsible for all of the paperwork necessary to maintain the club.

7) Servant Childcare Team

There is a need for a team of two or three people to provide childcare for the younger children of servants working in CKBC.

8) Seasonal Help

*Awards: This person works with our office staff to put together the awards for the Awards Nights, placing the proper awards in envelopes to be distributed. 

*Special Events: Ideally we will have at least one special event per session that would be suitable for all ages. This person would also work with the office staff helping prepare for the event.

9) Photographer

This person would simply take pictures or video throughout the CKBC year for the purpose of bulletin boards and to share with the children at the end of the year. Cost of producing pictures will be covered.

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