Do you paint or draw?

Do you bake or garden?

Do you knit or craft?

Maybe you have a business that requires you to use the creativity the Lord has given you?  Do you use your creativity in some other way that you could display for us so we could praise Him together for the gifts He has given you?

Each display (whether a personal interest/hobby or a reflection of your business) will give us a glimpse of God’s glory and beauty as we see the creativity the Lord has given you.

On the evening of the Merry Heart Night, we can all rejoice together in the various and unique gifts He has given. We want to praise Him for the ways He has expressed His beauty through your unique set of abilities and for how He has used you to minister to and bless others. He is so good!


Share with us!

Save the date and to be a part of our upcoming Women’s Ministry Merry Heart Night, which will be Friday, July 9th at church. Consider sharing with your sisters (through a display at our Merry Heart Poiema Gallery) the thing that God has created you to do in order that we would see His glory expressed through you!

Our deadline for display submissions is Monday, June 28th.

We would like to accommodate a wide variety of displays, but limited space is available. We will contact you to confirm your participation after registration has ended.