Are you looking to get better connected here at Calvary Chapel?

We invite you to visit one of our Home Fellowships.

Throughout the week these small groups meet in homes for Bible study, prayer and fellowship. Home Fellowships are an excellent way to get to know others in the church and build personal relationships. They are also a great place to ask questions for those who may be new to Calvary Chapel. Our leaders facilitate discussion of the previous Sunday’s sermon, asking questions that focus on how God’s Word is meant to impact our lives practically. It is also a more intimate environment for receiving prayer support and developing meaningful relationships within the larger church body.

It’s our genuine desire to see every Christian connected in real relationships with other believers. And we would absolutely love to help you get connected at one of our Home Fellowships. Check out the meeting times and locations below.


tom hindman

Tom Hindman
Overseeing Pastor

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Tuesdays @ 7pm
Hosts: Greg & Reta Crosby
Leader: Greg Crosby
Phone: 209.606.6133

Thursdays @ 7pm  
Hosts: Lanny & Lisa Nelson
Leader: Lanny Nelson
Phone: 209.485.0208

Tuesdays @ 7pm
Hosts: Rick & Diane Titus
Leader: Stephen Lyon
Phone: 209.639.3645


Thursdays @ 7pm
Hosts: Jim & Sami Boozer
Leader: Jim Boozer
Phone: 209.571.2205

Tuesdays @ 7pm
Host: Koogle Home
Leader: Tom Hindman
Phone: 209.545-5530


Thursdays @ 7pm
Host: Forstrom Home
Leader: Kurt Hertlein
Phone: 209.602-6606