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Pastor Mark loves to come alongside parents and encourage them to strategically take time to help their children grow in their knowledge of God’s word through biblically-centered and engaging children’s videos (each averaging from 5-10 minutes long).

Kids' Christmas Devotionals
Calvary Kids' Bible Club: BibleTime

BibleTime: Expository Teachings, Narrated Bible Stories & Object Lessons that solidify what children are learning each week at Calvary Kids’ Bible Club.

Matthew 17:1-13

Matthew 14:22-33

Can you imagine walking on water? Find out about a time when Jesus did on this week’s video!

John 6:1-14

Don’t you wish you could have endless snacks? Find out on this week’s video how Jesus fed 5,000 people with just a snack!

Mark 5:21-43

Zombies aren’t real, but Jesus did raise a girl from death to life! Find out more in this week’s video!

Matthew 13:44-46

What is your most treasured possession? Find out what Jesus’ is on this week’s episode!

Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

Have you ever had to pull weeds? Find out today why we leave the weeds in the Church!

Mark 4: 35-41

Have you ever been in a bad storm? Find out what Jesus does to storms in our life on this weeks video!

Luke 8:4-18

What kind of dirt is in your heart? Find out on this week’s video!

Luke 7:36-50

Do your feet need to be washed? Find out today about a woman who loved Jesus so much that she washed His feet and covered them in oil!

Luke 7:11-17

Luke 7:1-10

Can we really have faith when we don’t see Jesus? Watch this week’s episode to find out about a man who did!

CKBC John 5:8-9

Could you imagine being stuck in bed for 38 years!? Find out what Jesus did for a man who was!

Matthew 7:24

Art with Pastor Mark

Art with Pastor Mark videos: Fun and engaging step by step drawing videos inspired by biblical themes and topics.

Bible Time: Verse by Verse

BibleTime Verse by Verse: semi-dramatized expository teachings from the Gospel of Mark that discover the exciting and beautiful life of Jesus.

Bible Time: Various Teachings

BibleTime: Expository Teachings, Narrated Bible Stories & Object Lessons that help children better understand biblical truths.

Bible Time: Christmas "Born To" Series

BibleTime: 6 Episode Christmas Devotional Series that helps children better understand why Jesus was born into this world.