“He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west.” – Psalm 103:12

A confidential, grace-filled, compassionate & safe place to recover and heal from your abortion.

Fall 2022 session runs 9/9/22 – 11/4/22

If you’ve experienced abortion, Jesus offers forgiveness and freedom.

He loves you with a tender and grace-filled love, and abortion doesn’t change that.

Other women from our fellowship have courageously began their journey to abortion recovery. 


You’re invited to our confidential 9 week Bible study which meets in a local home.

Our Fall 2022 session will run from Friday, September 9 to Friday, November 4th. Be notified when registration begins.

We will:

  • Read and glean from biblical stories of redemption
  • Learn practical tools to coping with depression, anger and shame
  • Utilize journal prompts to unburden your heart
  • Read personal experiences of other women who have found healing and freedom

Read what other Women from our fellowship say about "Transforming Your Story"

Take a step towards healing and freedom.   

Text or call us with questions or for confidential encouragement and support:


Be Encouraged

Below are resources to encourage you in your journey towards abortion recovery.

Post Abortive Recovery Resources

Articles, Videos, Books

Post Abortive Recovery for Men and Women (Focus on the Family)